Bazaar talk and Market Whispers 24/10/2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 | | |

Marketes were on a zoom since yesterday.When Sebi decided to speak to FII the entire world started thinking that everything has turned Positive.But baazar log wait for the fine print to come on 25th.Meanwhile whats happening in the market?.FIIS sold Rs 32,155 mn on 22nd october.This is massive is it not?.As you all know only some stocks are being jacked up. So Choose and buy .Just Adlabs has become the market favorite.This stock is all set to cross 1000 soon.Buy and forget.Whispers are around that RJ after losing heavily on RNRL is now runnig behind arvind Mill.So go ahead and grab it before aqll broking houses start puting a buy accumulate ,hold etc on it..
So what will market do today.Open very strong so that u dont trade.Wobble a little and finally close +.
Bye for today but back with baazar talk tomorrow.