Small Stocks on fire

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 | | |

The bulls might still be wary of indulging in the bluechips, but they have been chasing some smaller stocks all right. So, while you stayed away thinking it’s a bear market or had no money to put in, a number of stocks in the mid- and small-cap space have been on fire.

A DNA Money analysis shows that during the 15% recovery of the Sensex in the last one month, a whopping 562 stocks in the mid- and small-cap space outperformed the benchmark. Of these, 385 were constituents of the 493-stock BSE Small cap, while the remaining 177 belonged to the 277-share BSE Midcap index.

Further number crunching reveals that a whopping 86 stocks - 20 mid-caps and 66 small-caps have delivered returns of 50% or more. This means, an investment of Rs 10,000 on March 24 in any of these stocks would be worth at least Rs 15,000 today.

And there’s more. Five stocks in the small-cap space would have actually doubled your money in this period. Premier Ltd, Selan Exploration Tech, Balasore Alloys, Gemini Communications and Sasken Communication Tech have all risen 100% or more since March 24.

Two stocks in the midcap index, Orchid Chemicals and BF Utilities, managed this feat. Somewhat predictably, fired by their high-flying constituents, the lesser tracked indices have beaten the Sensex hands down on the way back up.