Markets What Next?

Saturday, May 10, 2008 | | |

Earning seasons are almost over and investors are glad that they were not subject to heavy shocks.It started with the usual infosys results which were in line with street expectations.So far this month, stocks have managed to hang on to the gains made during the April recovery as the first-quarter earnings season passed without many shocking disappointments, despite the credit crisis and slackening economy.But this week saw inflation at 7.61% and crude surging to $125.This is going to guide us next week.Is Inflation and crude and the worst global cues inching the market back to 16000?.Monday is going to be the decisive day.Investors may be more inclined to book tidy profits earned by them if the market goes down.What people are realizing is that we've had a great run and they'll get out of positions they're not comfortable with. There's been a fair amount of skepticism about the rally, The volume on the upside wasn't the greatest, which tells you a lot of people never bought into the fact that things are appreciably better.